Isuzu still on top

IN 2017 Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is entering its 28th consecutive year of Australian truck market leadership.

Isuzu Australia Ltd’s dominance of the Aussie truck market continues, with its sales in 2016 marking the beginning of its 28th consecutive year as the country’s top-selling marque.

Isuzu sold 8307 trucks last year to gain an overall market share of 25 per cent. It was number one in the overall market figures, number one in the medium-duty and light-duty segments, and number three in the heavy-duty segment.

IAL director and chief operating officer Phil Taylor said overall the brand increased its sales by 12 per cent in 2016 from the previous year.

“This achievement is a reflection of Isuzu’s dominant status in the Australian truck market,” said Mr Taylor.

“It’s a telling result and validates our aim to successfully tap into the needs and desires of Australian transport consumers year after year.”

Sales of light-duty truck continued to underpin the overall truck market in 2016, outselling heavy-duty sales to record volume growth of eight per cent. Medium-duty sales grew by four per cent while heavy-duty sales essentially held steady, achieving a 30 slice of the total market.

Last year also saw Isuzu Motors Ltd (Japan) celebrate 100 years of business since the company was founded, while Isuzu Australia Ltd reach the milestone of notching up 200,000 sales.

Isuzu’s N Series range recorded sales growth of 15 per cent to grab a 40 per cent slice of the light-duty market in 2016, while sales of the F Series range increased by 10 per cent to achieve a 43 per cent market share.

The good news continued in the heavy-duty segment, where Isuzu achieved growth of six per cent in a tough market.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Isuzu has the very best people in the business,” said Mr Taylor.

“From our extremely professional dealer network to our world-class service technicians, it’s ultimately the people that make the wheel turn in the right direction. I’m not only proud of Isuzu’s market leading results; I’m excited for an even more successful 2017. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve the one-of-a-kind Isuzu ownership experience.” Isuzu Truck South Africa tops the sales list

Since inception of Isuzu Truck South Africa (ITSA) in 2006, the company steered towards a clear objective — to be the No. 1 Japanese OEM in South Africa and it first became a reality in 2013.

It was also the first year in the company’s history that over 4000 Isuzu trucks have been sold in South Africa – 4 019 units to be precise.

“We remained focused once we achieved the No. 1 position, but we were aware that it was not going to be an easy task staying at the top,” says Isuzu Truck South Africa’s director and chief operating officer, Craig Uren.

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