Isolation wards pose ‘no threat’

The Navua Hospital. Picture: FT FILE

THE new Navua Hospital will not be used as a quarantine facility but an isolation unit for COVID-19 has been set up within the hospital, says Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary Bernadette Welch.

She said isolation wards had been established in Nadi and Navua hospitals, respectively.

In a statement released on Saturday night, Ms Welch said the setting up of the unit within the hospital would not pose a threat to residents in Navua as the unit would reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak.

“There are no planes of COVID-19-positive foreign nationals en route to Fiji, and Navua Hospital will not be converted into a quarantine unit for other nations,” she said.

“This is a routine, precautionary measure taken in line with best practices.

“No risk is posed to residents in Navua.

“In fact, the presence of the isolation unit means the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak is dramatically reduced.”

Ms Welsh said the ministry was taking further proactive, preventative measures – namely, identifying and preparing a number of isolation facilities throughout Fiji in order to safely contain any suspected or confirmed cases in the country.

“These precautionary steps are being guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and similar preventative measures are being undertaken around the world to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19.

“As part of this undertaking, preventative isolation units in the Western, Central and Northern divisions are being prepared.

“Nadi Hospital and the Navua Hospital have already had isolation wards established.

“We ask that all Fijians help combat misinformation by relying only on trusted sources of information for their COVID-19 updates; namely, WHO, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, and the Prime Minister’s official video addresses to the nation.”

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