Islands commended for being dengue free

HEALTH Minister Rosy Akbar has commended the efforts of villagers on all 18 islands in the Lau Group for keeping their islands dengue fever free.

While there has been 862 confirmed dengue fever cases recorded in Fiji from January 1 to February 16 this year, the Lau Group is free from the communicable disease.

“The Ministry of Health and Medical Services commends the great efforts of the communities in Lau for keeping their islands dengue fever free,” Ms Akbar said.

“Indeed this shows their commitment to working with the Ministry of Health’s outreach team that conducts the awareness programs and supports the communities to address both communicable and non-communicable diseases.”

Ms Akbar said while the Ministry commended the efforts of the people in Lau, it was also requesting all communities to be vigilant and take proactive measures in destroying mosquito breeding grounds and to keep their environment clean.

“It is through such collaborative efforts with the communities that we can truly keep our families safe and free from the risks of communicable diseases like dengue, leptospirosis and typhoid fever,” she said.

Meanwhile, a health team was part of a government delegation that visited four islands in the Lau Group that were located in the path of Tropical Cyclone Gita.

The team, led by Dr Josaia Tiko, was part of a sectorial damage assessment team that visited Ono-i-Lau, Vatoa, Fulaga and Ogea.

The team conducted dengue fever spraying on Ono-i-Lau and Vatoa as precautionary measures following Tropical Cyclone Gita.

Health Inspector Toga Vosataki said malathion spraying, which is used to kill adult mosquitoes and disturb stagnant water, was done for Ono-i-Lau and Vatoa, as well as disinfectant spraying of pylon.

Mr Vosataki said they only conducted pylon spraying on Fulaga and Ogea.

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