Islanders showcase culture

THE iTaukei culture will be showcased in Tuvalu by the descendants of Tuvaluan migrants who arrived in Fiji in 1946.

About 70 people will leave Kioa today for Tuvalu to join the bigger celebration of remembering their forefathers’ journey from Vaitupu to Cakaudrove.

This will be a second communal group to visit Tuvalu since 1966.

The islanders, who call themselves Fijians, have learnt traditional iTaukei meke to perform at the celebration.

Led by Kioa Island Council leader Lotomau Fiafia, the group aims to educate their families in Tuvalu about their new home (Fiji).

“We are going as Tuvaluans of Fiji because we are now Fijians and we want to educate our families that side about our new home and the culture of the iTaukei people,” he said.

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