Island sounds to the world

AS the sun sets on house guests enjoying their last meal for the day, the afternoon sea breeze fills the air and carries with it strains of live music from the Coconut Beach House Band.

The six-member band has been serenading tourists at Coconut Beach Resort on Tavewa Island in Yasawa since 2016, performing song requests that range from country numbers, reggae and pop to the all-time favourite vude hits.

Lead singer and guitarist Jimione Ravula said the band members were proud of the fact that they came from different provinces around the country.

“Our love for singing has brought us together and bound us as a group for the past two years and I am proud that we get to showcase our talent and passion for music and singing to people from around the world.

“It means a lot to us that we get to perform in front of different guests each time and why this is a big deal to us is because it means our music reaches the world through these guests, even though we are playing from a tiny island in Fiji.

“We have grown as a band through the support and commitment of our resort management and the guests themselves.”

Ravula said as time went by, the band began discussing the idea of recording their own album.

“It was all fun and laughter until we started thinking about it seriously and then we began writing a song about Coconut Beach Resort, which became the first song on our album when it was released last year.

“We will always be grateful to the resort and its director Alex for supporting us and a son of this island, Ron Doughty, who also came on as our sound engineer and made our dream album a reality.

“For some of us boys, we are working on this island on the end tip of the Yasawa Group and our wives, children and families are far from us, on the mainland in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and other islands so being part of the band keeps us occupied and helps us bond as band members with the rest of our workmates.”

The band consists of Ravula as lead singer and guitarist, Joe Lacalevu as guitarist and second vocalist, Ravula’s brother Juliasi (Tuks) on ukulele and third vocalist, Emosi Nasautamata as bass guitarist with back-up vocals provided by Brian Patrick and Sekove Lacalevu.

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