Island set for upgrade

PORT VILA – Vanuatu’s Iririki Island Resort will be relaunching after a massive make over of the entire island.

Anthony Pereira, managing director of Iririki Island Resort and Spa, provided the Daily Post with an interview and insight on the island resort, which looks like its dressed up to the nines.

“The estimated final figure would be around $A24 million ($F37.6m); we have done complete renovations of our rooms but also of our roads.

“We are trying to encourage more people to use organic products in the spa and our kitchens.

“We have built new jetties, bought 11 new buggies, refurbished the apartments, replanting new trees and landscaping the area as well.

“We have spent around $A50,000 ($F78,468) on a brand new kitchen, expanded the bar area of the resort and decking from the bar to the cliff with new tiles everywhere.”

Apart from the new interior and exterior designs on the beach houses and apartments a more eco-friendly environment was embraced as well.

“We have moved to be more and more eco-friendly.

“If you look at the world around you, more and more people are health conscious. More and more people want to be fit and so we as a resort, we want them to feel that they’re in a place where they can be healthy and enjoy themselves.

“We also want to be eco-friendly for Vanuatu and then the world.

“Because obviously that’s the way the world is going.

“We understand climate change is caused by many reasons and if we can contribute a little by what we’re doing then that’s a plus.

“And we can proudly say that we are contributing to that global factor.”

The island resort will also be looking at being completely autonomous in regards to electricity supply.

“We will be self-sufficient with electricity because of what we are doing with the solar energy that is being installed as we speak,” Mr Pereira said.

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