Investing in your child’s education

INVESTING in your children’s education will always pay dividends and for Apimeleki Bosoka from Korovisilou Village in Serua, he is doing just that.

A grandparent to four grandchildren, Mr Bosoka was seen shopping for uniforms when a team from this newspaper caught up with him in Suva City yesterday.

Mr Bosoka said he planned this trip to Suva with his four grandchildren to shop for stationery and uniforms.

He said he took over the responsibilities to look after the welfare of the children after their father died.

“We do farming back in the village as our source of income. I expect my grandchildren to be educated and go as far as university. We hardly find people from Serua working in high places in Suva,” Mr Bosoka said.

“All four of my grandchildren live with me and I take care of their school expenses. I spent more than $200 on my grandchildren for their school shopping.

He said this year, the prices of school items were reasonable, but it was hard for him to find his granddaughter’s uniform who would be going to Ratu Latianara College.

“I have been told they were out of stock. I will have to look for somewhere else to buy her uniform or look for a tailor to sew her uniform from scratch,” he said.

The first term for the new school year starts from January 15.

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