Interpol involvement in new Bill

THE involvement of INTERPOL in the proposed Online Safety Bill is a possibility, says Parliamentary Standing Committee chairperson Ashneel Sudhakar.

So people living overseas who continue to post defaming insults or false stories or post pornographic pictures about locals can be taken to task through the involvement of local police and INTERPOL, Mr Sudhakar said.

In its public consultation over the two Bills — Online Safety Bill and Registration of Sexual Offenders Bill — held in Labasa yesterday, Mr Sudhakar said a recent online case has already involved INTERPOL through the request of local police.

He said the case involves a New Zealand resident who allegedly stated on Facebook that a young Fijian boy died as a result of police assault, which was a lie.

The boy, Mr Sudhakar said, died of dengue fever and has been confirmed by the family.

“So we can involve INTERPOL and we’re also looking at ways of tracking down IPN (Internet Protocol Network) addresses.  We will have this done and people who have fake accounts can also be tracked down by this IPN addresses.”

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