Interesting game

Politics is an interesting game where the focus is to sway public opinions and preference.

Could politicians explain how projects from 2000 have been maintained and upgraded to benefit people, resources and the environment?

The trend is wonderful, with completed roads and infrastructure to ease transportation in our towns and cities.

However, with every project, fixtures, back-up and quality of work has always been a concern.

Unfinished and unbalanced projects have caused people anguish for revenue earning resources.

Certain areas that come to mind are beche-de-mer replacements for Yasawa villagers?

Students who swim to school, tertiary students with unqualified lecturers!

Quality education results, competent medical service and professionals, wage increase, workers’ rights, flooding towns, FEA power outage, unsafe drinking water, marine life depletion due to development, solutions to security and authority harassment and cyclone rehabilitation and recovery at all levels.

While building roads are great, how about monitoring the number of cars into Fiji, to avoid traffic jams currently experienced?

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