Interesting analysis

I find quite interesting the analysis by Rajesh Ishwar Lingam (FT 14/2/16) quoting from the learned words of Thomas Merton.

Thank you Mr Lingam for giving us instructions on how to conduct ourselves during Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately during this lovable day originating from Christianity, many people will act against what the Bible forewarned us in 1st Timothy 3 (1-3).

Most great people including Jesus were loners and I wonder how they coped with such commercial culture.

Meanwhile, the powerful picture of a terrified child desperately wanting to escape his war-torn home of Syria is supplication enough for central European countries to review their refugee policies (FT 13/2/16).

The child now knows how brutal and unforgiving this world can be. With no one to fend for him the poor lad has to use all his skills and resourcefulness to remain alive

Meanwhile, back in Syria there is a slow graceless bitter and unyielding fighting going on.

On health, I thank your reporter Sikeli Qounadovu for reporting on the predicament facing the people of Vunisaleka settlement regarding the burst sewer line below the Laqere bridge (FT 14/2/16).

This filthy discharge on our doorstep is a matter of grave concern especially when it affects more than 4000 people.

It’s such a disgrace that previous efforts to rectify the matter fell on deaf ears when the bacteria had already found its way to our food chain.

I hope Health Minister Jone Usamate will do something about it. The right to health, food and water is in our constitution.

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