Interest intensifies

THE Construction Industry Council (CIC) has begun distributing delegate registration forms to the construction industry, suppliers, Government personnel, and international organisations for its upcoming conference in June.

And as the momentum grows for the event scheduled for June 14 to 16 June at the Warwick Fiji Resort, CIC Conference chairperson Gordon Jenkins said interest in the conference had intensified with many saying that this was the first construction industry event that would address major concerns on a way forward.

“We have designed the conference to make sure that this is a Fijian affair with speakers all local,” Mr Jenkins said in a statement yesterday.

“To often we have turned to outsiders to tell us about our own problems but in Fiji we have the knowledge and expertise to share in our own solutions.”

Mr Jenkins said the conference would focus on significant topics that were affecting the industry such as training, licensing, dispute mitigation and OHS.

He said the topics to be discussed were wide ranging and relevant, which particularly affected the local construction industry.

While announcing the dates for the conference, he said they believed the conference was an opportunity for the construction industry to share its concerns with the Government.

The conference, a major and first of its kind in Fiji, is being designed to ensure that there are outcomes in the form of resolutions.

It would also avail the opportunity for the construction industry stakeholders to share its concerns with Government in moving forward.

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