Insurance to clear debt and more

BSP Finance, the Asset Finance arm of Fiji’s leading financial services provider, the BSP Group, is now offering an enhanced consumer motor vehicle Loan facility with insurance protection.

BSP finance general manager Krishna Raju has confirmed that all new consumer motor vehicle loans will now have embedded in the product, a loan protection insurance element which will clear the outstanding loan debt on the untimely passing of the borrower.

“Customers will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are covered. Upon the untimely passing of the borrower, we will also pay out $2000 to the borrower’s next of kin to assist with funeral expenses. All this with no extra cost to customers,” he confirmed.

Established just three years ago, BSP finance has become the first to offer such protection for this loan facility in Fiji.

This new solution has been delivered through collaboration between BSP Finance and BSP Life. “We are bringing to market the combined strength of the BSP Group. By collaborating and delivering enhanced value, we are able to serve our people better. It gives us great pride and satisfaction that we are able to offer peace of mind to our customers knowing that in the event of untimely loss of the vehicle owner, that the debt will not pass on to their loved ones,” said Mr Raju.

This facility is available to new customers hoping to finance their vehicle loans as well as those wishing to re-finance existing loans from other financial institutions.

It is exclusively available at BSP Finance at this point in time. BSP Finance has quickly established itself as a reputable and trusted brand in the Asset Financing market based on its quick decisions at competitive interest rate. Customers can visit their offices at Samabula and Namaka or call 3234400 or 662 7388.

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