Institute helps public

PACIFIC Eye Institute is conducting outreach programs to assist people with reading glasses at an affordable price.

The institute’s general manager, Losalini Tavaga, said members of the public could now afford to buy glasses from the institute during their outreach programs in the communities.

“When we go for outreach, members of the community can buy the glasses for $5,” Mrs Tavaga said.

The institute provided training for eye doctors and nurses and provided eye clinics and glasses for their patients.

Mrs Tavaga said the institute was not obligated to provide glasses but it did so as it was part of the training.

“We provide the glasses because we write the prescriptions for it and then give the reading glasses to the patients.” When patients visited the institute they had different needs for lens and power on either side of the reading glasses and according to Mrs Tavaga, companies from overseas assist them by providing these special glasses for free.

“What we do here when a patient comes in and they have different needs in terms of lens and the power it has on both sides.

“On those kinds of special cases, we deal with companies from overseas, they give us free reading glasses and they would cost about $300 to $400 if sold by the local shops.”

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