2018 RWC 7s: Inspired by the 7s king

King of 7s Waisale Serevi. Picture: FILE

ENGLAND 7s star Dan Norton has joined many other top 7s players and commentators in acknowledging the contribution and achievement of King of 7s Waisale Serevi.

Norton who is expected to play a key role for England in this weekend’s Rugby World Cup Sevens says Serevi is a legend.

“He is absolute legend,” he told Rugby World Cup Sevens.

“Like he kind of is one of the people you see and get starstruck. “I have had some conversations with him he’s even text one or twice, which is literally like this is ridiculous. “The highlights of him playing in Hong Kong, running around with the ball aloft it is just special memories and a ridiculously special guy and gifted guy,” he added.

Norton is the rugby 7s leading all-time try scorers with 244 tries.

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