Innovation leap

MOBILE telecommunications in the country is moving faster than ever leaping into new innovations that would bring about greater speed and connectivity.

Vodafone Fiji Ltd has taken the lead role in commencing pre 5G trials or next generation wireless connectivity, a first for Fiji and the Pacific.

The network upgrade extends and evolves to another level of speed and enhanced mobile features from the existing 4G plus network.

The telecommunication company yesterday launched its pre 5G trialing, which has already begun in developed markets.

In collaboration with our technology vendor, ZTE, Vodafone Fiji deputy chairperson Russell Hewitt said they had successfully installed, integrated and commissioned a Pre 5G (LTE Pro) Test site.

He said the site would be able to receive up to 1 Gbps download speeds using advanced LTE carrier aggregation and MIMO techniques in combination with other enhanced downlink features.

“The Pre5G solution is a staged evolution in technology where 5G connectivity looks to offer ultra-low latency coupled with ultra-fast data speeds, which will enable major breakthroughs in areas such as robotics, remote surgery, autonomous transport, education and next generation entertainment to name a few,” Mr Hewitt said.

“ZTE’s Pre5G technology looks to bring users a network rate up to1Gbps, as well as setting the baseline platform for new services and technologies such as 4K HD video, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and IoT.

“Simply put; Pre5G networks are faster and provides higher capacity, improving mobile users’ broadband experience.”

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