Inherited life values

Rup Rekha after a day’s work heads home at Korolevu in Sigatoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

PEOPLE inherited certain life-values from a young age and they carried it with them throughout their lives.

These values enable them to live a strong and healthy life and being a dedicated member of their community.

This can be said of Rup Rekha who at 77 years of age still enjoys back yard gardening at her home at Korolevu outside Sigatoka.

She is originally from Keiyasi, Navosa but moved to Korolevu many years ago after she got married.

As a young girl who spent most of her young days on the farm, her life revolves mainly around healthy living and lifestyle.

And such is life for the past 77 years for the Korolevu lady. She is always grateful to share her story with any visitor to their house.

And her daily routine normally begins at 5am.

By 6am she is already on her garden where she would spend two hours cleaning before she has breakfast and rests during the day when the sun is hot. At 4pm, she has changed her clothes again and is back at her garden for another two hours before finishing off a day’s work.

Tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant and radishes grace the grandmother’s garden and while home during the day, she would ensure to have a look at the garden again so birds do not destroy the blooming vegetables.

Most vegetable from her backyard garden have been consumed by her family for many years and it’s always a proud moment having to harvest the fruits of her labour.

And during the day, her lunch would mostly be tomatoes, boiled cassava, cucumber and bele.

This, she said has added to her long and happy life.

Ms Rekha hardly visits the hospital because she consumes healthy food daily and her secret to healthy living has always been eating two tomatoes and cucumbers daily.

She has three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who she visits at times just to be updated with their lives.

But when she goes on a visit, she will always ensure to return home in just a few days time because she misses her back yard garden and does not want anyone else to clean it.

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