Indonesia welcomes MOG members to Fiji

Indonesian ambassador to Fiji Benyamin Scott Carnadi and First Secretary Thomas Ambrosius look over Fijian electoral materials. Picture: SUPPLIED

INDONESIAN ambassador to Fiji Benyamin Scott Carnadi has welcomed the arrival of Multinational Observer Group (MOG) members to Fiji.

Indonesia is again one of the MOG’s three co-lead countries, along with India and Australia.

Indonesia was also a co-lead country of the 2014 MOG.

“Indonesia is happy to take on the role of co-lead and I look forward to having Indonesian observers accredited to the MOG soon,” Mr Carnadi said in a statement.

“The MOG’s work will help ensure the election is held credibly, transparently and in a manner that properly aligns with democratic values.”

Mr Carnadi also noted that Indonesia would announce its co-chair in due course.

The MOG is led by three co-chairs, one from each of the three co-lead countries; and they are responsible for the overall management and coordination of the MOG.

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