Indonesia presents ammunition, training for gun salute for APEC

PORT MORESBY, 25 OCTOBER 2018 (POST COURIER) – Another support for the PNG security efforts has arrived in the form of 18 Indonesia personnel from the artillery unit from the Indonesian army.

Their arrival marks the assistance that will be given to the PNGDF for their continued efforts in capacity building of the army in the country and towards the continued build up for the APEC leaders’ week meetings.

The handover of 562 ammunition calibre 75 mm will be used by the PNGDF during the APEC leaders week. The assistance is not a stand-alone donation, but rather a package in the form of training capacity for the PNGDF personnel who will be in charge for the gun salutes in official state ceremony.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has confirmed that the Sentani Airport will provide parking space for the visiting APEC delegates during the APEC economic leaders week.

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Ronald JP Manik said the assistance of the Indonesia Government was not only through the continued capacity training but also through providing airport parking space.

“We will be providing airport space for the aircraft and private jets that will be bringing in many delegates, CEOs and other members of the 21 economies,” Manik said.

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