India trade show to attract local traders

Progress, Harmony, Development (PHD) Chamber of Commerce and Industry secretary Kamal Khurana (left) and India's High Commissioner to Fiji Viswas Sapkal with some delegation

THE Best of India Trade Show which begins on Friday hopes to see a few memorandum of agreements (MOUs) signed between Indian traders and their Fijian counterparts.

Progress, Harmony, Development (PHD) Chamber of Commerce and Industry secretary Kamal Khurana in bringing the 40 trade participants from India said there was enormous opportunity available for India’s trade in the Fiji market.

“We are very certain this exhibition will truly come up to its mark to fulfil your requirements in terms of presenting the Best of India Show in this country,” Mr Khurana said.

“This exhibition is organised by the PHD Ministry of Commerce of India with the support of the High Commission of India.

“We have had these Best of India shows all across the world, in over 150 countries and this is the first time we are having it in Fiji.”

India’s High Commissioner to Fiji Viswas Sapkal said the PHD Chamber of Commerce was one of the important chamber of commerce which was established in India in 1905.

“It has a long history and has greatly contributed to the development process of India,” Mr Sapkal said.

“They have almost 130,000 direct and indirect members. So their contribution in the development process is really huge.”

He added the show would contribute to improving the business and commercial relationship between Fiji and India.

“The Fijian and Indian traders will have a chance to directly communicate, share market intelligence and facilitate business and joint ventures.”

Mr Sapkal said the exhibition would enable flow of technology, capital and experts and facilitate trade and investment.

“This trade show will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the two countries commitment to even greater cooperation and expansion of economic relations.”

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