Incredible journey

CAN you imagine life on an iTaukei village setting in the 1890s and even in the early 20th century?

This was a life surrounded by true nature, no technology disturbance and just the sounds of crackling leaves and birds chirping away while children are enjoying a game of some sort on the village ground.

This is quite rare to find in many villages nowadays as the surge in technology has taken over the lives of many people and most have preferred spending time on their smart phones or even in front of their television sets watching episodes of the latest TV series or a movie that has just been released.

Luckily, tourism and its effect on our Fijian shores have enabled some of us to preserve some of those areas in Fiji from the growing surge of technology and its effect.

A 45-minute boat ride from Denarau and Castaway Island Fiji warmly greets you with its true nature as lovely staff members welcome you to the island.

It would be an idea to try spending a night at this exclusive, beautiful resort which has been in operation in Fiji for the past 51 years.

You will certainly be blown away by the beauty of its natural surrounding which we sometimes term as untouched natural beauty blended with the island touch in a true Fijian setting.

Castaway Island is of course the true version of your home away from home as your first footstep on its beautiful shores will take you away to dreamland and you would be carried away by their famous touch of hospitality blended with its beautiful wild flowers and gardens.

If you take the time to ask, you will be politiely informed by courteous and helpful staff members that 40 per cent of guests every year are returnees. You will be amazed as well to learn that most of their guests have once visited the island alone or some had had their honeymoon on Castaway many moons ago. They, who are now grandparents, now visit the island with their children and their grandchildren.

Castaway Island offers that unique experience which makes hard to find elsewhere and the breathtaking scenery and environment will make you want to come back and have a feel of the place over and over again.

The island is of course a place where you can reinvigorate your mind, body and soul in this once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Castaway Island also offers you the opportunity to free yourself of technology — no TV, no electronic gadgets, none of the pressures of the everyday world.

As a guest, you would certainly be given that opportunity to help restore Fiji’s coastal reefs as we work together to nurture and grow our unique natural resource.

Be also one of those lucky guests and relax in one of 65 unique bure (bungalows) that make the island one of the most intimate destinations in Fiji.

The opportunity to witness and delve into true Fijian culture is something we rarely find nowadays so it is here for you at Castaway Island, compliments of the Outrigger Resorts Signature Experience program.

Also enjoy a multitude of family activities from parasailing to rugby on the beach and explore the oldest tourist island in Fiji with over half a century of successful operation.

Experience barefoot chic-a lifestyle where no shoes are needed and in certain areas, not allowed.

Let your imagination capture perfect “selfies” — moments that will live forever.

Choose from four superb restaurants, serving true Fijian flavours and contemporary Western favourites which is all there for you at Castaway Island, Fiji.

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