Income generation

THE Ministry of Agriculture has eight land clusters in Vanua Levu, a project aimed at encouraging revenue generation farming projects among farmers.

In an interview North senior agricultural officer Timoci Vakaboro said through the project they had worked with farmers to identify suitable markets for their crops.

Mr Vakaboro said they had even linked farmers to local supermarkets to sell their crops.

“Farmers are producing crops but they often find difficulties in finding suitable markets in which to sell their produce,” he said.

“Through this initiative we are working with them to link them to markets.

“We also help farmers identify and plant the right crops that are in demand in markets to assist them generate much needed revenue.

“Getting farmers into associations and cluster groups like this help farmers have a stronger voice when raising issues and most importantly it is easy for them to exchange ideas and assist each other.”

Mr Vakaboro said the land clusters started off as Land Care Groups under the Department of Sustainable Land Management.

“Currently the only group that is successfully functioning is the Siberia Land Care Group where farmers are still operating and sharing ideas on how to sustainably manage lands,” he said.

“Through the land care group we then further assist the groups of farmers already formed to set up income generating farming projects.”

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