Income earner

THIRTY-FOUR-year-old Ella Uku who is originally from Wailoku in Suva and married in Yaroi took advantage of the opportunity available to her through the Tikina Nasavusavu handicraft show.

The mother of six was assisted by her husband Ratu Jone Tabucala. She managed to make six of her homemade flower pots from green coconuts that she sold at the show.

Ms Uku said since her husband was unemployed she saw the two-day event as an opportunity to make money for her family.

“I normally save big coconuts that my husband gets in for our meals and half the coconuts to make my craft from,” she said.

“This is then filled with soil and I plant my orchids in them which are sold for $50.

“Since my husband is unemployed I made it my business to come down today and at least sell six of these handicrafts.”

Ms Uku said she had told her husband that she had to make money for the family one way or another so that they can at least buy a few things in their home.

“Luckily today (yesterday) I managed to sell three coconut flower pots and my coming here today has been fruitful,” she said.

“I will return tomorrow (today) to sell my crafts again because it has been drawing interests from members of the public visiting the show.”

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