In search of a star

IT is safe to say that the battle is over but the war has just began.

That is between the company of 15 who have managed to sway the hearts of the judges and convince them through song and dance during the Kaila! Star Search quarter-finals two weeks ago.

“The non-elimination round came as a surprise with us co-ordinators as well because we already had a plan set for what was going to happen next,” said assistant co-ordinator of the Kaila! Star Search 2015 Isireli Mainavukea.

Mr Mainavukea said the contestants had to prove how bad they wanted to stay in the competition by exceeding their performance and setting the bar for individual talent.

The contestants have accomplished a feat that has never been done before since the inception of the competition since they were able to sing to their hearts content and convince the judges.

“We’re happy that everyone has gone up to the semi-finals and it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be twice as hard, everyone brought their best in the quarter-finals and they will have to try even harder in the semi-finals.

“We’re thinking of having all the girls sing a piece and the same with male vocalists and both dance groups collaborate with one dance and then their own separate pieces.”

The semi-finals will be held on August 1.