In love with the food

Pacific Island journalists at the Incheon International Airport ready for take off to Tel Aviv. Picture: SUPPLIED

BULA Viti, by the time you read this, our group of Pacific Island journalists would have been half way through our tour of the Holy Land. We landed at 2:35pm at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Also on the same flight were members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces who were going for a tour of duty. There was a prayer group made up of 23 Fijians who were on their way for a pilgrim tour to Israel. Some of our Pacific Island journalists could not leave the airport so they stayed at the Transit Hotel, the rest of us headed to the Holiday Inn Hotel, which is located midway between the airport and Seoul — the capital of South Korea. My first trip to an Asian country and evidently South Korea is in a construction boom, with huge skyscrapers that garland this part of the country and more new buildings still under construction. The view from my 14th floor room was breathtaking with the night lights that add beauty to this majestic view. If there is one thing I took out of South Korea, it is definitely is the food. Today, I declare am in love with South Korean food. I never loved sushi, my partner would know this, but South Korean sushi is something to die for. Food so tantalising that it sinks right through your tastebud, I must also say South Korean barbecue is the best After dinner, there was a baby mix with the guys who are members of the British Army and were returning to the UK. We were hosted by veteran radio announcer Nimilote Naisorotabua, who is also part of our team, in his room. At 10am Saturday, we headed back to the airport for our 2:15pm flight to Tel Aviv. South Korea plays hosts to one of the most beautiful and also busiest airports in the world. We caught up with the other Fijians who were heading the same direction and after a delay of 30 minutes we finally departed for the long 11 hours flight to Tel Aviv. We were told a government delegation led by officials from the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry would be waiting for us when we arrived. Until then, we can only pray for our safety and we look forward to an amazing experience in the land to which Christians refer as the Promised Land. Moce Viti.

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