In a dilemma

A FRIEND has a little business where I give a voluntary helping hand from time to time.

My mate employs 15 men in their late twenties and late thirties.

Three will face problems because the authorities have advised us to terminate them.

The problem is they were never registered at birth and do not have birth certificates.

Two of them do not know their parents because they were given away at birth and lived with relatives all their lives.

My mate found out that they often slept at the Lautoka bus stand because they live with relatives and when they go home after working late, there was no food left over.

Good Samaritans usually come around to the bus stand at night and give them food.

They sleep at the bus stand because they live very far and work starts at 4am and they find it hard to come at the hour.

They have their cardboard, a pillow and a blanket that they keep in the market.

My mate has since opened his home to two of the men.

Even so they often just sleep at the bus stand. Of course they have a conscience.

Friends, these are men rejected by society, they did a bit of time and no one wants to employ them. We have.

They have been told to go to relatives or find their parents and find where they were born and get birth details and get registered.

These men have been rejected by relatives and no one will help them and two of them do not know where they were born.

It’s a hard ask.

At least they are earning a little money to keep them from a life of crime.

If we terminate them they will go back to robbing people to feed themselves.

We are in a quandary here. Is there an alternative?

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