Important to support community, says Chandra

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited General Manager Anusheel Chandra painting a school bench at Hilton Home. Picture: Laiseana Nasiga.

WE do business 365 days in a year and that’s great but how many times in a year do we get out as individuals and support our community, says Aquaheat South Pacific Ltd general manager Anusheel Chandra.

Mr Chandra and other managers of Aquaheat got together yesterday to carry out a painting project for students at the Frank Hilton Home as part of their corporate responsibility initiatives.

Speaking to the newspaper while busily painting a school bench, Mr Chandra shared that supporting the community in the most littlest of things was important.

“The aim of this type of program is to support the community but equally just imagine the number of people that are talking, connecting at a different level, the manager and staff.

In Fiji we are very much like to say ‘he’s the boss’ here no one is the boss.

“No one bosses around, everybody is painting, and everybody is doing the exact same task. Especially when I came to know today the school itself, what Hilton does and how it connects the communities in Fiji.

“I think more corporates need to get out there and do little things. While I was talking to them, it was very clear that the manpower and the resources are lacking for them and large companies like us, we have got that manpower which we can give and that’s all they need.”

He further adds that even with businesses focusing on making profit, they also need to focus on community work.

“We want to keep it simple. The reason we want to keep it simple as it is a community work — let’s focus on the community rather than focusing on the business.”

Aquaheat is New Zealand owned and will be conducting other community work initiatives around the country.

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