Importance of rear view mirror

Rear view mirrors have always been a central point to driving. Often times, one of the first things people do when they enter a vehicle is adjust the rear view mirror to fit their specifications. As such, many companies, like OnStar, have placed safety features and accessories in the rear view mirror as a main point in the design of every vehicle, allowing for easier access.
While these mirrors may be used by all drivers, not everyone is aware of how to get the most out of them. According to Permatex, a rear view mirror adhesive company, drivers should position them so they can see what’s behind the vehicle as well as along the sides. This allows the rear and side-view mirrors to act with one another, providing the most visibility.
In addition, having a securely placed rear view mirror can be critical to ensuring safety. Driving during high traffic hours, having a mirror fall off can put all drivers in a risky position.
“When a rear view mirror comes unglued, drivers often look to a quick, yet temporary, solution like super glue or a high-strength adhesive,” said Permatex’s press release. “Such quick fixes are ineffective over the long haul, and drivers might find themselves driving down the street without a rear view mirror.”
As school is back in session and more teenagers are on the road during high-traffic morning commutes, vehicle safety can be of more importance than usual. In order to ensure that necessary driving tools, such as rear view mirrors, are in supply, companies in the aftermarket may want to update their PIM system or NAPA mapping software to adjust their inventories.


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