Importance of early childhood education

THE importance of early childhood education and its link to how it contributes to success in tertiary and further education has been clearly documented, says Commonwealth secretary-general Baroness Patricia Scotland.

Speaking at the closing of the 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in Nadi last week, she said it was important that all member states discussed the importance of education at every level and learnt from each other.

“The answer that education is important to absolutely every one of us in terms of sustainable development goals was correct,” she said.

“But how are our countries going to support each other, what will we learn from each other and what could we together do to improve the outcomes of all of our work for the benefit of our young people.

“But we weren’t just talking about school-aged children, we looked at early education and there is clear information that the first 1000 days of a child’s life was the most important.

“And there was a direct correlation between what our children achieved at 22 months and what they achieved at 22 years.

“So we were looking at all the different forms of education throughout each of the areas and learning from the 53 countries experts.”

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