Imam condemns bloodshed, calls to value life

WHEN Islamic State began its bloody rein of terror in Iraq including the beheading of Westerners all in the name of Allah, in London’s east Chief Imam Abdul Qayum was in no doubt about his duty.

His mosque in London’s east is the biggest in Europe that at any normal Jumuah Friday midday prayers attracts 7000 worshippers.

“All this bloodshed does not make any sense, it makes human life look cheap as if there is no value to human beings,” he began.

“But in Islam we are taught the contrary which is life is valuable, it is precious and we have to do all that we can to safe guard it.”

He concluded those who created “anarchy on Earth” would be taken to task by Allah and their day of judgment would come.

It was a groundbreaking sermon from the 54-year-old.