ILO report

OUT of the 650 million people with disabilities worldwide, 470 million are of working age, says the International Labour Organization.

And while this number has the potential to contribute towards the national GDP of countries globally, many persons with disabilities were still not given equal opportunities to earn a living.

According to the ILO, people with disabilities were more likely to be unemployed or earn less when compared with non-disabled people.

“Despite major gains in recent years, people with disabilities still face discrimination and other barriers to full participation in social, economic, political and cultural life,” the statement said.

In order to encourage more persons living with disabilities to join the business sector, ILO has joined hands with the Pacific Disability Forum to host a training workshop in Nadi this week.

Four regional countries — Fiji, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu — are participating in the workshop.

“Skills development is central in enabling people with disabilities to take part in the labour force. Those who have had the opportunity to acquire marketable skills are more likely to obtain decent and productive work.”

The training workshop is facilitated by Papua New Guinea-based Peter Piawu, an ILO certified business trainer.

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