Illegal taxis

In reply to Gulsher Ali’s Letter to the Editor of October 22 about illegal taxis, Land Transport Authority is very much aware of the problem. In fact in September of 2016 alone, the authority issued 2074 citations against vehicles illegally acting as taxis.

A main purpose of LTA is to work with the police to create and enforce a safe and legal road network in all corners of Fiji.

We have a total of 109,000 cars, buses and trucks operating on our roads today, all of them registered, and all of the 152,000 drivers who operate many of these vehicles have driver licences.

So, we have a big job. But we cannot do it alone. If you have a driver’s licence, you are all well aware of the rules of the road.

And if you follow these rules, there would be no dangerous driving, and yes, no illegal taxis.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please do your part. Drive safely to protect your family, your community and yourself.

We thank Mr Ali again for bringing to our attention this ongoing illegal taxi problem.

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