Illegal activities in park tighten police patrol

POLICE have warned those who use a recreational park for illegal activities to stop or face the consequences of their actions.

Divisional police commander North Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Eparama Waqa said the daily patrols had seen groups of people removed from Jaycees Park in Labasa.

“These people were also searched because they were just hanging around and when questioned, they didn’t have any good reasons of being there,” SSP Waqa said.

“For the past two weeks, we have conducted daily patrols in parks, town areas and residential areas ensuring that people are not just hanging around.

“The two weeks patrol has been successful as our teams have come across interesting cases especially at the park.”

SSP Waqa said some people used the Jaycees Park for partying and drinking.

“This has to stop and that is why our teams have been frequently visiting the area ensuring that families and children who spend leisure time there, can do so safely,” he said.

“We have received positive feedback from the public who have seen positive changes as a result of the two weeks of operation.

“We will continue with our patrols especially during this school holidays ensuring students have a safe break,” he said.

Early this week, police officers sent home a group of men who were hanging around Jaycees Park.

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