‘I’ll just keep my daughter at home’

Irene Navunisaravi (left) and Filomena Natau at Qauia settlement in Lami. Picture: JONA KONATACI

I am scared to send my daughter to school because of the increasing COVID-19 cases in Fiji.

This was the comment made by concerned mother Irene Navunisaravi from Qauia settlement in Lami.

“I’ll just keep my daughter at home and just see how the cases go,” the 30-year-old said.

“Every time we turn on the radio, all we hear about is the increasing COVID-19 cases.

“And the secondary students who went to school this week came back and told us that a child or teacher was sick in school — so that’s concerning for me.”

Ms Navunisaravi said school was not a good place for students in the middle of a third wave of the virus.

“I’ll let them stay at home for two weeks and see if the COVID-19 cases decrease then I’ll decide on whether to send them to school or not.”

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