I was asked to resign

Iliesa Raiduduva selling vegetables at his stall in Nakasi. Picture: FT FILE/JONA KONATACI

SHOCKING revelations have surfaced surrounding the video footage of Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama allegedly manhandling Opposition MP Pio Tikoduadua outside Parliament on August 9.

Former Parliament secretariat staff Iliesa Raiduduva, 35, claims he was asked to resign on September 6 for allegedly releasing the footage to a social media platform.

As the civic education officer, Mr Raiduduva’s role was to reach out to the public in raising awareness on the work of Parliament.

Speaking to The Fiji Times in Nakasi yesterday, he claimed on August 9, he and two other Parliament secretariat staff members witnessed the commotion between the two MPs.

Mr Raiduduva said one of the staff members, who was overseeing the role of media officer that day, captured the video with the Parliament camera.

Mr Raiduduva said he advised the staff member to save a copy of the video footage.

“On the same afternoon a directive came for a copy of the video footage to be deleted from the source and a copy to be submitted to the secretary-general,” he said.

Mr Raiduduva said a copy was also given to another senior staff of the Parliament secretariat.

“The IT boss came with a USB to get a copy for the SG and the Speaker, from there we didn’t know how many other copies were made.

“The video that was leaked on social media was never taken from our phones and it was taken by the Parliament camera.

“There was a CCTV camera there, but according to what we heard, it didn’t really capture what happened, the CCTV is at the corner when we exit Parliament.”

Mr Raiduduva said they feared losing their jobs, but was reassured by their superiors that they would be OK.

However, he was shocked on September 6 when he was summoned to meet the secretary-general Viniana Namosimalua at her office.

Mr Raiduduva stated that, “at 8am I was at her office. She informed me that there was proof that I had leaked the video footage, but she refused to provide the materials upon request.

“Then I told her if she knew that I did it, then fire me, but she asked me to hand in my resignation instead.” Mr Raiduduva said he handed in his resignation the same day.

“I will boldly say that I didn’t leak that video footage on that social media platform and I will stick by that. I didn’t do it.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Namosimalua has asked for more time to respond to queries on this matter sent to her via electronic mail on September 6.

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