Hybrid emergency

I came across this family who were trying to push-start a Toyota Prius (hybrid).

Little did the family know, that hybrids don’t come with a starter.

The only way hybrids can start in an emergency is through a “jump-start”.

I came to the conclusion that there was no fuel and the electronic motor had no more power left to move the vehicle forward.

So to all hybrid owners, please have sufficient fuel all the time and never completely depend on its electronic motor because the electronic motor charges itself when the engine is running on petrol.

By the way, there is no way you can push-start automatic vehicles.

Since hybrid vehicles are new to many people here, I reckon car dealers should include “vehicle manuals” (owner’s manuals) in all hybrid vehicles, and if possible ask vehicle suppliers abroad to include “vehicle manuals” in English language which would be an added advantage to buyers locally.

It’s quite hard understanding “vehicle manuals” written in a foreign language because not everyone can read the “Japanese language” locally. Vehicle manuals are important in understanding the vehicle better and can become very handy in times of servicing and breakdown issues.

It would be much appreciated if authorities take heed of the abovementioned and “vehicle manuals” are made compulsory in all second-hand imports entering our country.

Shamal Chand

Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

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