Hurting Kiwis

Below is an email sent by a New Zealander and supporter after their quarter-final loss to the Bati.

“Outstanding performance from Fiji Bati in beating NZ Kiwis in world rugby league cup quarter-final. Two tiny proud Pacific Island nations (Tonga and Fiji) in a week beating the Kiwis! What an effort and how proud those nations must be of their heroes right now. So much respect for them.

“Kiwis? Utterly disgraceful efforts from a poorly coached bunch of over-paid, embarrassing, underperforming, badly led princesses. No pride in the jersey, no respect for the opposition, no heart, no passion. Did I mention incompetent?

“Yes, they’ll be hurting and so they should be. Learn a lesson from your Pacific Island cousins about playing for your country and representing your people!

“David Kidwell, you weren’t a bad player, but you’re a s#@t coach and motivator. Mind you if the players can’t motivate themselves to represent their country, something many of us would have given our left n#t to do, what hope have we possibly got?

“Congratulations Fiji! You played for something we didn’t!”

Toso Viti toso!

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