Hundreds turn up for Sugar City’s wellness walk

Participants during the Colour Explosion Fiji 2018 in Lautoka yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

HUNDREDS of people turned up for Lautoka City’s largest wellness walk — the APCO Coatings Colour Explosion Fiji. Participants were treated to fun exercise routines before taking part in the five kilometre walk dubbed as the Colour Explosion Rang-De-Viti 2018. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou said the wellness walk provided a great platform to raise awareness on non-communicable diseases which has claimed a large number of Fijian lives. “NCD is well known as a lifestyle disease,” Mr Tuitubou said. “This means we can control this disease if we control our lifestyle better. One of the means of controlling our lifestyle is through wellness walks like the one we are participating in today (yesterday). “This requires discipline in both the areas of nutrition or food intake and having a daily exercise program.” He said Fijians loved their food but they needed to be more responsible about the type and volume of food they eat. “This is a serious issue and one way we can address this is by eating more fruits and vegetables.” He said there’s also a need to consume less food and drinks that would result in NCDs. “The World Health Organisation has reported that physical activity leads to a decrease in mortality rate caused by NCDS which caused about 3.2 million deaths around the globe,” he said. The Colour Explosion aims to empower and educate communities on NCDs and also encourage physical activity.

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