Human disaster

As the population grows and we clear more and more land for real estate development and farming we are basically setting the stage for disaster.

Urbanisation and deforestation are our greatest man-made failures.

As the Earth’s lower atmosphere is becoming warmer as a result of us humans emitting greenhouse gases, it produces much more moisture and this will simply cause more severe cyclones and flooding in the future.

Here, out in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, we are a sitting duck!

We must change our habits and must think of nature first!

It is indeed sad that we are so reckless, so inconsiderate, so selfish and so short-sighted! We are rapidly destroying our home and yet the majority of us care less? We are the makers of our own catastrophe and demise!

The heartbreak and sorrow we experience after such crisis is a reminder from Mother Earth for us to wake up and acknowledge our greediness and change!

Praying for victims is of no use, but what we need to do is to pray for the nation to change its destructive habits!

The degradation of our natural landscape must cease, and we urgently need to reverse the destruction we’ve caused.

I believe Government must urgently formulate a number of policies to protect our natural landscape and environment and most importantly ensure they are implemented.

Human disaster indeed!

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