Huawei increases market in wider South Pacific

SHENZHEN, 30 AUGUST 2018 (POST COURIER) – One of the world’s leading global telecommunications technologies – Huawei has increased its market in Papua New Guinea and the wider South Pacific.

20 Pacific Media personnel were given a tour of the company’s operation centre at the Huawei Headquarters including its massive campus in Guangdong Province of China.

Huawei executive Yu Jianpeng said that apart from its operations across China, United States, UK, Pakistan, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, Sweden, Ireland, India, Russia, Israel and Turkey to name a few, they had also entered into the Pacific market.

“Yes, we have an operation in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and we as you know, Huawei is currently the world’s third-largest smartphone maker behind Apple and Samsung. For several months in 2017 and again this year, Huawei’s smartphone sales even surpassed Apple, positioning it temporarily only behind Samsung.”

It is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012. In 2018, Huawei became 72nd of Fortune Global 500 in Fortune Magazine. Since 2018, Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Located in Shenzhen which is China’s emerging tech city, Huawei Technologies is committed to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for its customers

The company employs more than 80,000 employees at its headquarters and about 180,000 employees globally, of which more than 100 are in PNG.

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