HR practitioners reminded on importance of conflict resolution

HAVING conflict resolution skills is an important skill for human resource practitioners to have because it could reduce the number of cases being taken to the Employment Relations Tribunal, says resident magistrate Andrew See.

He made the comment while facilitating a Fiji Human Resources Institute workshop on Conflicts at Work: Employment Relations Act for HR Practitioners at Novotel Nadi last Friday.

“Conflict at work, if not addressed or managed early, will just snowball into something that could manifest in all different sorts of ways such as disputes at work, personality clashes and lack of productivity,” he said.

“It also provides a disincentive for people to engage in the workplace.

“It’s probably the most important issue for HR to get across because it impacts on everywhere we work and every person who comes into the workplace.”

Mr See said the ideal situation for any organisation was for conflict to be addressed within the workplace using internal mechanisms.

He said when this failed, the Employment Relations Tribunal was a logical next step.

“Sometimes people get lost in the warfare of it all or get lost in being directly involved.

“And, on occasion, a fresh set of eyes is a good thing because people look at an issue and they tend to be a little bit removed from it and they can be more dispassionate — if you like — in terms of identifying ways to resolve issues.”