How to treat a centipede bite

IF you’re an avid gardener then you need the right shoes because victims from centipede bites are often gardeners.

After all, your feet should always be protected when you are out organising your plant life! reports centipedes use a pair of hollow legs, adapted with claws, to bite into the skin. “These pincer-like maxillipeds, also known as toxicognaths or “poison claws,” are found under the first body segment and can also cause small puncture wounds and blisters when the centipede crawls across the skin.

“When a centipede bites (as opposed to stings), it injects venom into victims that is stored in internal glands.Although centipede bites may be painful, they are rarely fatal.”

“How to treat a centipede bite” from website reports if bitten by centipede these simple steps can aid in treatment of centipede bites.

* Remember centipede bites are non toxic so don’t panic in case bitten by centipede. Remain calm and though the sting may hurt it is treatable.

* Use an antiseptic soap and water to wash the area.

* For reduction of the pain use hot compress. In case of swelling use ice pack or cold compress to ease out the pain.

* In case the pain is severe take ibuprofen to counter the pain.

* Centipede bite can be itchy, use hydrocortisone cream for relieving from Itching caused by centipede bite.

* Though it isn’t necessary to take antibiotics for centipede bite but in case of infection around the area, consult a pharmacist and take antibiotic capsules.

* Necrosis or tissue death is possible in case of severe centipede bite but it heals on its own.

* In case you haven’t taken tetanus make you to get one in case of centipede bites

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