How to sort clothes during laundry

DON’T you just hate it when you pull your whites out of the washing machine only to find it turned completely pink in colour?
It’s frustrating isn’t it? Believe it or not but sorting is a top priority when it comes to washing. Below are tips to sort your laundry for the best results from website
Step 1
Sort according to fabric type and color shades to avoid damaging finer fabrics and accidentally mixing colours.
Step 2
New items and darkly coloured items may bleed, so wash them separately and turned inside out.
Step 3
Delicates should be washed on a delicate cycle or by hand. Always wash according to the garments’ care label instructions.
Sorting for laundry success
It may be easy to throw a load of mixed laundry into the machine, but if you don’t want everything to turn an odd shade of pink or grey, it’s best to follow our simple tips. If you only have a small amount from one group, then don’t be tempted to put it in with another. Save it for a full load.
Sort clothes by colour:
Clothes with deep colours are more likely to bleed dye when washed. To avoid damaging other clothing, sort laundry according to color, grouping dark, medium and light colors separately. Wash deep colored clothing like indigo jeans or red sweatshirts by themselves for the first few washings.
Sort by the amount of dirt on items:
Very dirty or stained laundry should be washed separately on a longer, heavy-duty cycle. This provides the agitation needed to get rid of heavy dirt.
Turn your clothes inside out:
This will protect them during the wash. It also stops jeans turning white at the seams.
Pre-treat your clothes before washing
There is no need to worry about getting tough stains out of colored loads. Pre-treat heavy stains to boost the power of your detergent. Find out how to pre-treat stains for the best results.

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