How to fix condesation in a car

Condensation on the interior side of your windshield can be dangerous when it forms while you’re driving. Not only will it unable you to see, but your vehicle can also be at risk of breaking down. It’s ultimately important to figure out what is causing the condensation so that repairs can be done as soon as possible. The website gives a clear explanation of how to deal with condensation inside your vehicle.

Condensation inside the car is caused by warm water containing moisture coming into contact with a cold surface such as your window.

When warm air meets cold air, the moisture in the warm air condenses on to that cold surface.

What causes condensation inside your vehicle?

There are a number of things that can cause condensation in your car;

* Wet clothes/shoes/pets — water on these items will slowly evaporate into the cabin air. If heavily soaked, they can cause seats and carpets to become wet.

* Breath — the breath of a person or animal contains a large amount of water vapour which is released into the cabin.

* A water leak.

* No circulation of fresh air.

Ways to reduce condensation inside your car.

If this air is not emitted outside then the condensation problem will increase.

* The most efficient way to remove moisture from the air is to use the vehicle’s airconditioning system. This system draws air from the cabin through an evaporator which causes moisture in the air to condensate in a controlled way and drain out of the vehicle.

* If the cabin air is not regularly refreshed then condensation will accumulate, as the moisture-filled air will not be removed. You can force this by changing the re-circulation feature from internal to fresh air.

* Don’t forget the demister function either. That designed to clear the windscreen of condensation. This works by directing fresh air on to the windscreen, which has the effect of drying the inside of the glass.

* Keep the windscreen as clean as possible. A thorough clean of the windscreen will lessen the likelihood of condensation forming and ensures that any that does form is removed quicker by the demisters.

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