How to better maintain a hybrid car

Hybrid cars have become a trend on the roads and if you travel daily you would notice the vast array of these vehicles that are available.

Maintaining a hybrid vehicle is not scary as it seems given their latest technological advancements.

According to the here are a few tips to keep in mind when maintaining your car.

Maintenance costs
Many people have the wrong impression that hybrid cars will be more expensive to service and maintain, because of all the supposedly ‘high tech, complicated’ electric parts. In reality, the cost of maintenance should be fairly similar. The one component that requires regular servicing is the combustion engine, which makes it no different from your typical car.

Check the required oil change interval
Because of the expected lower usage of the combustion engine, a hybrid car would usually have a longer oil change interval. To be sure, make sure to check the owner’s manual, where the manufacturer will have a recommendation on the oil change interval.

Longer life on brake pads
Thanks to the regenerative braking feature in hybrid cars, the brake pads experience less heat and friction, which makes them last longer. Of course, this is contingent on you adjusting your driving style to take advantage of the car’s regenerative braking.

Cooling is important
Enormous amount of heat is generated because of the regenerative braking system and hence the cooling system should be in prime condition at all times. Hence, check individual hoses, pipes and clamps and any additional air filters used in the motor and battery heating and cooling system.

Don’t worry about the battery
This is probably the biggest concern potential buyers will have about hybrid cars, but the truth is that you shouldn’t be too concerned. The electrical components in hybrid cars are designed to be maintenance-free and thus don’t require any of specialist maintenance.

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