How to be a member at Fiji Car Club

MEMBERSHIP for the Fiji Car Club has increased by 50 this year compared with last year.

Club executive member Sandeep Prakash said the number increased year after year with the figures for this year being bigger compared with last year.

“Amazingly, it’s a great achievement for the club, our numbers for last year was around 140 and this year it’s around 190,” Mr Prakash said.

Activities organised by the club have become interesting every month with more car enthusiasts signing up to be member of club.

In order to participate at Fiji Car Club events like drag race and car shows, car enthusiasts have to be members of the club, which is one of the reasons for the figures increas this year.

“In the last race we had 52 cars which is a great turnout and not only that driver Ravi Nair (who drove Ripv8r) was the favourite beating the traditional champion of racing Ravindra Nath,” he said.

“Cars featured during the last race included a Holden Torona, Madza Rx 7 and Rx 8, Subaru , Datsun, Hybrid (Honda and Toyota) Kia , Chevrolet, Ford XR 6, Toyota Starlets, Nissan Cerfiro , Few Toyota Holden and Nissan which were old school vehicles.

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