How to adjust things properly?

When we feel uncomfortable with something, we should first look for what we may have done wrong and how so, wrong timing, wrong place or wrong words. How do we deal with these wrongdoings, confess or make an adjustment to them? How do we perceive these acts of misconduct?

Let’s discard people’s judgment about us, no matter good or bad and let us try to solve this displeasure in our mind first. The simplest way is to pay homage to the enlightened ones and confess our wrongdoings. The enlightened ones are our models of perfection. They appropriately act, speak and think all the time. Therefore, while paying homage to them, recognising them as a mirror, we can easily see our misconducts. With this understanding, we come to realise that from now on, we should appropriately act, speak and think, just like them. For our wrongdoings, we should repent and thereby ease our mind. When there is no more displeased point in our mind it’s easier for us now to find where we can attain appropriate behaviour.

What shall we do if other people feel upset because of our misconduct? They may feel challenged, disrespected, over pressured, or they may feel reluctant to accept something from us. Let us bless them and dedicate our fortune, wisdom, compassion and sincerity to them, so that they completely accept our sincere, beneficial and harmless blessing and offer. Thus with a clear direction in our minds and feeling no more mutual hostility, it is easy for us to handle the issue. Without such a clear and simple way as a guide, it’s difficult for us to turn negative things into positive ones, because our temper and discontent may subvert everything. With a proper method, we can clearly understand what we can undertake and adapt to, and what we cannot, and therefore we can make the necessary adjustments. Whatever happens, if we learn first to adjust our mind appropriately and then deal with the issues, we can act, speak and think accordingly and positively.

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