House ready to elect Speaker

THE Speaker of the House of Representatives will be elected in the first sitting of Parliament, says Secretary-General Viniana Namosimalua.

She said she would call for nominations for the Speaker of the House during the first sitting.

“There will be a proposer who will propose names and will put forward a name. The proposer will also give a brief account of the nominee’s credentials,” Mrs Namosimalua said.

“Then the Secretary-General will call for a seconder. After a seconder is called, there is a call for further nominations. More than one nomination will require a casting of votes by ballot.”

In ballot, papers are distributed and members of parliament will be asked to write the name of the person proposed, whom he or she wishes to vote for.

“Papers are then returned to the Secretary-General for counting and a scrutineer is called to observe the count — this will be the proposer and the seconder.

“The highest number of votes is declared the Speaker. If only one name is proposed, the Secretary-General will declare him or her as the Speaker.”

Mrs Namosimalua said after the Speaker had been elected, the proposer and the seconder of that nominee would escort the Speaker to the chair and take the oath.

Former FijiFirst candidate Dr Jiko Luveni had confirmed last week of her interest in becoming the Speaker of the House.

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