Hoteliers weigh impacts of high occupancy rate

LABASA hoteliers are not feeling the impact of high occupancy rates because the bar and restaurant areas, which also generates good income, remain empty most times.

Grand Eastern Hotel manager Krishneel Ram said although the town may be busy with business operations, hotels have not seen a lot of changes.

“We have had a lot of events in Labasa over the past years, but for us as hotel operators, it’s a different story although we have high occupancy rate,” he said.

“I have had a lot of experience in the hotel industry and the excitement and busy days of hosting our guests in our restaurants and bars are not the same as before.

“We have high bookings throughout, but most guests move around and eat out so it’s only the accommodation sector that thrives.”

Mr Ram, who also manages Friendly North Inn, said the high occupancy rate throughout the year though had positive impacts.

“This is good though and it helps us get through with a lot of guests and the hiring of our venues for meetings and conferences has also helped,” he said.

“Other than this, most hotels remain quiet while the town may be busy when there are events in the area.”

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