Hotelier expends support

THE Tanoa Hotel Group yesterday confirmed it had extended its commitment and support to the Fiji Cancer Society for the Pinktober initiative by an additional three years.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, Tanoa Plaza Hotel Suva general manager Mere Rakoroi said they were excited for the journey ahead.

“The original MOU (memorandum of understanding) was supposed to be finishing off on the 6th of November, but now Tanoa Group has confirmed that we will be signing up for another three more years,” Ms Rakoroi said.

“I think it’s just us stamping our mark to make sure that this is not just something to show for marketing purposes — it’s about commitment.”

She said it was encouraging to note the director of the Tanoa Hotel Group fully supported the decision.

“We just had our last meeting and then a few days later, it started to take shape and we’ve never done this before, so it’s quite exciting for everyone.

“We’re going to be busy, but it’s going to be beautiful and we can’t wait.”

She said as part of their support, they aimed to provide ribbons to all their employees around Fiji and if possible, expand on their venture later.

“Tanoa Hotels are in New Zealand and Samoa but they’re not taking part, only the one in Fiji because we need to start small and then work on making it bigger if possible.”

Pinktober will be officially launched on October 9.

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