Hospital water supply normal

WATER supply at the Labasa Hospital has not been affected during this period of adverse weather.

While most of Labasa experienced intermittent water supply, Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea and his emergency operation team had ensured that the hospital received constant water supply.

In its report, the emergency team revealed that 15,000 litres of water was filled into the hospital tanks yesterday.

The report added that this was in addition to the 76,000 tonnes already stored for hospital use.

Divisional planning officer North Uraia Rainima said the WAF team worked tirelessly and ensured water supply was restored to affected residents.

Residents in Labasa have been without water since Thursday last week after the feeder pipes at Dogoru River broke.

WAF workers were at the site fixing broken pipes, but the changing weather and heavy rain had not helped.

The WAF team has also stationed water tanks in various residential areas to cater for the water demands from the customers and was refilled by water carts.

* Tanks have been placed in the following areas (table on the right).

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